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Cool your house and the globe!


The revolutionary coolit ceram is a liquid thermal insulation coating, that not only comes in a range of rich colours perfectly suited to Australian surroundings, but also works to keep your house cool by reflecting the sun and incoming heat. 

With Australia’s hot and sunny climate, excessive heat input into our homes can cause uncomfortable conditions, usually managed through cooling devices. 

As households contribute up to 20% of the nation’s green-house gas emissions, coolit ceram is an alternative way to cool these areas and is as easy as a couple of coats of paint.  
8–12°C, helping to decrease the 30% of power generation used for cooling purposes during the
summer months. 

Not only is coolit ceram environmentally friendly, being low VOC and by helping to decrease electricity use, you can realise energy cooling savings of around 30– 60%. 

This means you save money in reduced electricity bills, your appliances will last longer and most importantly you will help reduce power generation and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Talk to your Luxury Paints consultant today to find out how you can help your house to help the environment!