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Now you can walk on water


Introducing Luxury Paints Water Based Paving Paint which is a new generation low sheen acrylic paint finish. 

It is designed for use on areas subject to foot traffic and low speed vehicle traffic making it a suitable choice for concrete paths, paved areas, domestic driveways, patios and concrete floors. The tough, flexible finish gives long lasting protection against black rubber marking and hot tyre resistance. 

Water Based Paving Paint is available in white and a range of machine tinted colours and allows you to decorate the outdoor living area as you would inside.

Not only is Water Based Paving Paint suitable for use on most concrete areas of your home, it is a low VOC, environmentally friendly coating that has

excellent adhesion, flow and is quick drying. Please note: Allow 2 days for the paint film to cure before driving or parking vehicles onto the coated surface. 

Talk to your Luxury Paints consultant today to find out how you can do your part in helping protect our environment.